On Friday August 16th 2019, Christine visited our office to talk about design thinking and innovation. She talked what it means to be a design thinker, as well as what it takes. Humans must keep up with an extremely fast pace of change in this day and age by coming up with complex and innovative solutions that often involve technology. McGlade also touched on different levels of design, the design process as well as the ethical risks toolkit. As a design thinker, it's important to iterate the design thinking process multiple times in order to find out what works best. This way, individuals can come together as a team to solve wicked problems. We thoroughly enjoyed learning from Christine and are glad she came to visit us!

Team photo with Christine

Christine McGlade has been a digital designer and educator for 15 years in Toronto. She is the senior partner at Analytical Engine Interactive Inc., a Design Consultancy that works with public sector, educational, and charitable organizations on innovation projects driven by new technologies. She is a professor at Centennial College and OCAD University in subjects like web design, data visualization, and leadership in the digital economy.