On Wednesday, October 30th we had Tim Sproule join us to talk about team collaboration and leadership. Mr. Sproule took an interesting approach to collaboration by relating it to his curling experience. His biggest takeaways from the sport were to facilitate communication, to maximize the strengths of the team and to be a motivating and inspiring leader. He then provided a business example where he lead a team of 20 executives at DECA U Guelph. Success comes down to the team itself, therefore trust and motivation are key. As a result of his teamwork and leadership, his DECA U team came third place provincially and has a delegation of over 200 students. The interactive segment of this series was called the "Marshmellow Challenge" where we had 18 minutes to build a freestanding structure made out of dry spaghetti with a marshmellow on top. We proudly built a 25 inch tower and communicated strongly to do so. What a fun and engaging workshop, thank you to Tim!

Team photo with Tim

Tim Sproule is a 5th year Marketing Management University of Guelph who has experience with OMAFRA, Meridian and Skyjack. He has served as DECA U Guelph's 2018-2019 president as well as competed internationally in the case competitions.